What to visit in Sitges

For a lot of people, Sitges is a synonym of beautiful Mediterranean beaches. And they are right. For other people, it is a small city full of life and leisure. And they also are right. But the thing they do not know both is that our Vila also has an interesting choice of museums, galleries and different kind of monuments. For all of this, in this article we will have a review of what to visit in Sitges: places related to culture, traditions and art, that is why you can get touristic guides or resources such as books or monographic. And in each one we will include the distance that separates them from the Calipolis Hotel, for you to better plan your visit.

Sitges museums: art and culture

In a list about ‘what to visit in Sitges’, the museums cannot be missing. Some of them are municipal ones and make part of the group ‘Museus de Sitges’. One of most important is the Maricel Museum, that shows an itinerary of painting and sculpture starting in the 10th century and arriving until the 21th century, with funds provided by Sitges Vila and the Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales.

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: only 700 meters, which you can walk in 10 minutes.

Near this museum you have the Palau de Maricel, which is a different building from the precedent one. In this case, its interest is architectonic and its interior visit brings the tourist to discover its wonderful modernist rooms. The cloister, the Saló d’Or, the Sala Capella, the Sala Vaixells, the Saló Blau… Quite a colour spectacle that, in addition of organizing guided visits on Sundays, also receives any kind of events.

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: 750 meters, that walking represents 10 minutes.

Another municipal museum worth visiting is Cau Ferrat, that was created as a house-working shop of the artist Santiago Rusiñol in 1893. In 1933 it became a museum and it is now an essential place to discover the work of this Barcelonian artist. But it also hosts works of other genius, such Picasso, Zuloaga, Gargallo or Casas. An authentic jewel in the heart of Sitges where you can admire painting, sculpture, wrought iron, glass or ceramic, among other materials.

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: 800 meters, situated near the two precedent museums, that is why walking until it is about 10 minutes.

This group of municipal museums also includes the Romantic Museum, but at the time of this writing it was closed for renovations (October of 2017).

Other museum places to visit in Sitges

In addition of the art, there is a museum that combines society, history and leisure. This is the Museo Bacardí, which is situated in the old market of Sitges. Is it a multifunctional place where you can discover the story of this rum brand, one of the most famous in the world, funded in the 19th century by a habitant of Sitges that went to travel to the Americas: don Facundo Bacardí. In its rooms, you can learn the process of elaboration of the drink and its story in our society. Currently, of course, it also organizes celebrations and bar courses.

que visitar en sitges bacardi

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: 750 meters, it is situated near the Casa de la Vila. Only 9 minutes walking.

The art galleries are another one of the strong points of Sitges. The Fundación Stämpfli is one of them, powered by the marriage of Pere and Anna Maria Stämpfli in 2006. The badge of its identity is modern art, with about one hundred works of art made by artists of 22 different countries. The building is near the Municipality and was an old market, in this case the Mercat del Peix one, adjacent to which is currently the Bacardí Museum.

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: same time and same distance than the Bacardí Museum.

Churches to visit in Sitges: our religious heritage

If you are wondering what to visit in Sitges related to religious art of centuries ago, your first stop has to be Sant Bartomeu y Santa Tecla, patrons of the Vila. This church is certainly the most symbolic building and most photographed one of Sitges, and fully justifies a visit inside. Its architectonic style is fundamentally barroque, from the 17th century. The most interesting of the temple are its altarpieces and its organ, closed in the end of the 17th century.

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: 650 meters, 8 minutes walking.

In addition of this church, the most interested people can visit the Trinidad hermitage, a beautiful example of popular architecture, but with a modernist entrance. In addition of its pretty interior are the stunning views of the Sitges coast.

Distance from the Calipolis Hotel: 11 km, that are 40 minutes walking due to its narrow way.

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