Mercado de Sitges

The Sitges Market

The tourists come to Catalonia and to Sitges, among other things, to eat. The national studies and statistics show it, putting gastronomy as one of the attractive factors. The Calipolis Hotel is not standing on the sidelines of the gastronomic boom that is experiencing our country, and in our facilities we have two top-class restaurants: Mirador and Infinity. But for those who are looking for raw materials, the markets represent an interesting option during holidays. Such as, La Boquería in Barcelona or San Miguel in Madrid, our city also has its one: the Sitges Market. In this article, we explain you what you are going to see in it, the contact details and which other markets you can enjoy in our Vila.

What does the Sitges Market have

The Sitges Market, also known as Mercat de Sitges for its name in Catalan, is a modern complex of various plants in which are located fresh products market stalls, with a special importance of Sitges and Catalonia specialities. From Botifarra with Malvasia wine, passing by fuet de Vich, pa de pagès or Gerona apple, among others.

We can add to them other top-quality products in establishments of all kinds: butchers, greengrocers, bakeries, fisheries, delis, poultries or vegetables stores. It also has space for a big supermarket and for other non gastronomic stores, such as shoe shops, jewellery stores and travel agency included. In addition, the market has a Aula Gastronómica in which they give practical courses, workrooms and cold stores for community use.

Interesting data about Sitges Market

Sitges Market is located right in front of Cercanías station. Concretely, in the Avinguda Artur Carbonell, 27. Here are the timetables:

  • From Monday to Saturday: from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: from 5:30 pm to 8:30pm
  • Closed: every Sundays and holidays, in other words, 1st and 6th of January, 14th and 17th of April, 1st of May, 24th of June, 24th of August, 11th and 23th of September, 12th of October, 1st of November and 6th, 8th, 25th and 26th of December.



The building has various entries, one of them (Carrer Illa de Cuba‘s one) with escalator. In addition, this market is adapted for people with reduced mobility.. It also has a parking for clients and a taxi station in front of the main entry, and a nearby bus stop.

Other markets in Sitges

This is not the only market of Sitges: there are others, however, that have other features. For example, the weekly market, a street market, which takes place on Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Its celebration place is the Passeig de Vilafranca and is used to consist of around thirty  stalls selling seasonal products or low-price goods.

In addition, Sitges organizes all the year long different thematic fairs in which the linked products markets feature an outstanding place. For example, the Fira d’Art, that is used to be organized in April and is becoming the great works of art selling space of the Vila. It is an outdoor fair, in the Passeig de la Ribera, at a few meters from the Calipols Hotel.

The Patchwork Festival market, is another art market that is celebrated in the Passeig de la Ribera de Sitges, about which we offer occasional information in the blog of our hotel, since we are one of the partner of the event. It used to be celebrated in March and it is a fair in which you can buy hand-woven products, with very different decorative applications.

The Mercado de Diseño de Sitges is also a craft one, in various dates depending the year. Usually located in the Plaza de la Fragata, you can buy handmade products to decorate home or for personal use, such items of clothing or accessories.

In addition, many are those who call ‘mercado de Sitges’, one the most symbolic building of the Vila: the current Museo Bacardí. Indeed, this is the Mercat Vell (old, in Catalan), because it was the great commercial centre of the city when it was inaugurated in 1889. Realized by the architect Gaietà Buïgas i Monravà following the postulates of the iron architecture of the period, it is located right in the historic centre, near the Ajuntament. Is now hosts a thematic exhibition about Facundo Bacardí, inhabitant of the city and founder of this famous rum brand.

As you can see, Sitges has a lot to offer at the gastronomy, commercial and cultural level. Reserve your room in the Calipolis Hotel and stay near all these interesting points, in addition of being at only 20 meters from the beach.




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