Las mejores playas de Sitges

The ultimate guide to the best beaches in Sitges

Apart from the many cultural events taking place in Sitges, such as the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, the carnival or the Festa Major, this lovely destination is chosen by many tourists for the beauty and quality of the seaside. We have selected here the best beaches in Sitges, to help you choose during your next visit.

There are 17 beaches in total within the municipality of Sitges, some in the urban area and others in the western or eastern area. All of them are stunning and truly recommended however, only six have been awarded the ISO 14.001 certificate, an international standard that reflects the quality of water and sand, the cleanliness of the environment and the effectiveness of their rescue services.

Playas de Sitges - Hotel Calipolis

Beaches in Sitges: in the city centre

The beaches of the Central area are very close to the Calipolis hotel and have all the services tourists might need: from safety and rescue to beach bars, hammock rental services and other kinds of entertainment, such as kayaks or water skiing.

The beach just opposite the Calipolis hotel is called the Bassa Rodona, 285 metres long and 18 metres wide. All the beaches of Passeig Maritim are easily accessible and at walking distance: La Fragata, for example, is very close to the church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla; La Ribera is probably the busiest, and Estanyol, Riera Xica and Barra beach, the latter with access ramps for people with reduced mobility.

Still in the centre, but on the western side, you’ll find more secluded and stunning beaches, around the Marina of Aiguadolç: the beach called Sant Sebastià, frequented by locals, Balmins, a popular nudist beach, and Aiguadolç.

Beaches outside the city centre: Poniente

If you continue further towards the west side, you will find small beaches and coves, in some cases quite difficult to access and below the train tracks level. The beaches all around this area, which was for a long time an iconic place in the Sitges nightlife, the Atlantic nightclub.

In this place, the beaches of Desenrocada and Home Mort are particularly stunning, both with sun loungers, parasols and chiringuitos, especially equipped for a gay naturist audience. They are the smallest (between 90 and 165 metres in length), but also the most beautiful in terms of landscape.

playa del home mort en sitges

Other Beaches in Sitges: Levante

There are four very different beaches in this area of the municipality of Sitges, all of them very interesting. The first, called Botigues, is the largest beach of the whole area, with a length of almost a kilometre and a width of 100 metres. It offers all the services, including access ramps for wheelchairs and six beach bars spread across it.

Much smaller is the Cala Ginesta, located inside the Port Ginesta, a space known as the marina with the highest number of berths in Catalonia, making it a perfect place to swim after a day out sailing.

The prettiest beach in Sitges is probably Garraf, situated in the homonymous small town. The sailor-style beach huts, protected for their cultural importance, are particularly interesting to see. This beach offers all kind of services from rescue to restaurants and bars, as well as water sports.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Cala Morisca, the most important naturist beach in the eastern area of Sitges. Hidden between two cliffs, it is very secluded and therefore private, with beach bars and restaurants.

playas de Sitges - Garraf - Hotel Calipolis

Something more to know about the beaches of Sitges

In addition to the whereabouts of these beautiful beaches, tourists should be aware of other important information. For example, some beaches have access ramps for people with reduced mobility, and also specific chairs to go in the water. This is a service offered by SALCAT (Tel. +34 628 686 360).

We also want to stress the importance of protecting yourself from the sun with sunscreen cream, cap, sunglasses and a t-shirt, even when the day is cloudy and especially from noon until 4pm, the hours with the strongest UV.

Should you need any further information, the Tourist Office can help you with other activities available on the beaches of Sitges, such as aqua, tai-chi or other sports and kind of entertainment, especially for children.

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