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How to enjoy the sun in Sitges

Spring is here at last, the favourite season of many a visitor to Sitges: mild temperatures and longer days are just two of the great perks that April, May, and June bring with them. Having said that, they are not the only ones. In this article, we will share how to make the most of the sunshine in Sitges, whether visiting as a tourist or on business. And in either case, the Calipolis Hotel definitely has a lot to offer. Take note.

More than 300 days of sunshine in Sitges, which really makes a difference

Going beyond its attractive monuments (with the Church of Sant Bartomeu as the jewel in the crown), its wide range of cultural events, and its beautiful landscapes, what really sets Sitges apart from other tourist destinations is its number of days of sunshine. More than 300 sunny days are part and parcel of the weather at the Vila, together with other values that anyone would find pleasant, averaging 16ºC throughout the year. Minimum temperatures rarely drop below 10ºC while maximum temperatures do not usually go above 30ºC.

This pleasant climate is best enjoyed in the spring, the perfect season in terms of weather to discover Sitges for the first time or to visit it again, as the temperatures and rainfall—which is not plentiful at all—hover around the average.  The promenade is a top choice for people out for a stroll, while the terraces, such as the new and highly exclusive Infinity, become the meeting points for those seeking relaxation in a sophisticated and delightful atmosphere outdoors.

Sitges Pool

What to do in Sitges in good weather

In spring, happenings abound in Sitges. Aside from the renowned celebrations of Sant Jordi, the Corpus Christi Flower Festival, or the Gay Pride Parade, visitors to Sitges can enjoy the sea in many ways: for example, strolls on the beach, the first dips, or water activities in its different beaches and ports—aimed at all types of tourists, ranging from families with children to visitors in search of premium experiences.

Nature lovers will surely enjoy exploring the Macizo del Garraf, whose first hillocks rise on the outskirts of Sitges. Spring is the perfect time to go hiking, go mountain bike riding, or simply discover the explosion of colours and aromas that can be found on the rocky landscape of this small mountain range.

And for leisure and relaxation, nothing beats the terraces of Sitges in full bloom for spring.  TheInfinity Terrace is one such tempting choice, offering a wide ranging menu from 10:00 am until midnight, from an appetiser or a brunch to a Mediterranean lunch while enjoying the sea views. Dusk is the perfect time to enjoy a cocktail right in front of the promenade while watching the sunset.

On the other hand, our indoor restaurants also provide an attractive background to spectacular spring scenes to savour a delicious breakfast buffet or even organise private events, with their panoramic views to the promenade.

Calipolis Terrace

The sunshine in Sitges, also for business

Sunshine is the best ally in organising events, conventions, and business activities. For example, in terms of Team Building: What better place can there be to carry out team building activities than the outdoor areas of the Calipolis Hotel? And if the activities involve sports or adventure, the coast of Sitges offer numerous possibilities. Contact us and we can propose ideas adapted to your needs.

On the other hand, from a business standpoint, good weather is a great added value for all types of conferences or events to be held at the Calipolis Hotel, where we have seven multipurpose meeting rooms with a capacity for more than 200 people. Our outdoor areas provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy a coffee break outdoors while enjoying the sea views, and sampling our personalised culinary offerings.

 Calipolis breakfast


Unbeatable transport links to Barcelona

Sitges is the second city with the largest number of events and congresses per year, only behind Barcelona. Good weather is one of the main reasons for this, but its good transport links to Barcelona also have a great deal to do with this: by road using the C-32 toll motorway, by coach with the company Monbus, or by a convenient rail connection (Rodalies). In addition, the latter means of transport also links Sitges to the Barcelona-El Prat Airport, something particularly useful at this time of year, when air traffic increases, with Barcelona as a popular destination.

Thus, the sunshine in Sitges, its many cultural activities, and its good transport links to the city of Barcelona all come together to turn the Vila into an unbeatable spring destination and the Calipolis Hotel into the top choice in accommodation for those who wish to enjoy good weather, a warm welcome, and professional service. Contact us to book a room or a meeting room during this special time of year.

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