Sitges with kids

Sitges is a touristic destination for all the year and for all types of publics, family with children included. Its natural resources, with the beaches on the top, but also the variety of kids spaces and leisure companies in the city. In this post, we will tell you how to enjoy Sitges with children and what does our hotel offer for those who are travelling with family.

Natural resources and towns

The natural resources make the experience to come to Sitges with children a real pleasure. On the top, of course, the beaches of the Vila (the town), which are situated as well in the western part as in the eastern one and in the centre. One of the greatest advantage of our beaches is that they allow the children to enter in the water with safety, since the waves are friendly and the depth, moderated, allowding the swimmers touch the bottom during many meters into the water

In terms of natural roads, Sitges is also a very well suited place for children. Outside the Vila is also starting the first the Macizo del Garraf hills, with a lot of walking trails. They are low-difficulty ones and, in a lot of cases, suitable for bike. The climate is another good ally: excluding the central hours of the summer days, the rest of the year always allows practicing trailing in a pleasant way.

And if you are travelling with children, you will often resort the parks and the children’s areas of the town. There are more than ten swing areas, in some cases on the waterfront, such on Sant Sebastiá Beach, one of the most frequented by local people and family with children. Sitges also has big parks, with grass and shaded areas, where you can have a very pleasant family picnic. The highlighted places are Terramar gardens and Can Robert ones.

And beyond these specially dedicated to children places, there are corners in the town the children enjoy as “dwarfed”. For instance, the Passeig de la Ribera, at which feet appears the Calipolis Hotel, connected to the Passeig Marítim and Terramar, being an ideal place for walking with all the family.

Sitges with children beach

Tourism activities for the children

Due to Sitges orientation towards tourism, the variety of leisure companies in the town is very large. And a lot of them have children as star clients. For example, the Fundació la Granja that organizes horses and pony rides for children, as well as riding lessons for all levels.

But, naturally, a lot of these companies are focused on aquatic activities. For instance, Waterfront, that provides to the clients original boats such as bananas or donuts, that work with a winching. In addition, it also offers parachute flight along Sitges coast, with departure in the Port d’Aiguadolç and Terramar.

And as these companies, many others are working in the streets and beaches of the city, such as Beach and Bici, with individual bikes or vehicles with pedals with spaces for several people, ideals for families with children.

sitges with children gardens

Events during the year to have Sitges experience with children

As we are telling in our blog, the events timetable is very rich during all the year in Sitges. And in the majority of the events and festivals, children activities are organized. That is how events such as the Cabalgata de Reyes or the Carnaval occur in the Vila. But it also occurs the same way in the Festa Major or in the Festa de Santa Tecla: workshops, puppet shows, children dances and an endless number of proposals for the younger audience.

And in addition of everything, visiting Sitges with children has other benefits. For example, at the time of buying the tickets: the city public museums are free for children under 12 years of age. And for adults, the purchasing of a grouped tickets with children offers discounts on the individual price of each ticket.

Where to stay if you are travelling to Sitges with children

The Calipolis Hotel has a wide variety of rooms for general public, with sea and beach views. And within this variety, there are some stays with capacity for four beds, which results perfect for those who are going to spend holidays with children in Sitges. In any case, we can include elements for children, such as crib, and special discounts for them. And in addition, our hotel is ” Allergy-Friendly”, so that the allergic children will receive a special and carefully treatment in our facilities and restaurants.

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