Centre for Ecology & Hidrology Joint Expert Group meeting at Hotel Calipolis

Centre for Ecology and HidrologyHotel Calipolis has been hosting a Joint Expert Group meeting from the Centre of Ecology and Hidrology (CEH) from yesterday and until tomorrow. The CEH is a public-sector research centre and part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) which provides research, survey and training about the environmental sciences.

Some of the best environtmental experts in Europe are attending this workshop in one of our meeting rooms, Arcos, in order to share their knowledge and expertise. Some of the topics that will be tackled will be: “Biological responses and targets”, “Nitrogen as a nutrient in terrestrial and freshwater systems”, “Interactions between nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus, Interactions between air pollution and climate change”, “Consistency in approach under different internacional policies and conventions, such as the Water Framework Directive, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Air Convention” or “Heavy metals, Base cations, Ozone, Dynamic global vegetation models, Ecosystems services approach and possible links between ecosystems services and dynamic modelling”.

Among the many experts that are attending this event at Hotel Calipolis are Daniel Kurz (from ForSAFE-Veg in Switzerland), Jesper Bak (expert in vegetation change modelling and critical loads in Denmark) or Rachel Helliwell (from RECOVER 2010)

We are proud and honoured to be their hosts in Sitges once more and hope this event is as successful as every year.

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