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How to enjoy the sun in Sitges

Spring is here at last, the favourite season of many a visitor to Sitges: mild temperatures and longer days are just two of the great perks that April, May, and June bring with them. Having said that, they are not the only ones. In this article, we will share how to make the most of the sunshine in Sitges, whether visiting as a tourist or on business. And in either case, the Calipolis Hotel definitely has a lot to offer. Take note. Continue reading…

How to get from Barcelona to Sitges

Most of the visitors to Sitges come from Barcelona, they are residents in the Catalan capital coming to spend the day, or national and international tourists that incorporate a visit to the Vila as part of the tour of the province. In this article we will explain how to get easily to Sitges from Barcelona with these three options:

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– Train
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Cómo llegar a Sitges

How to get to Sitges

Sitges is famous the world over, not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its vibrant atmosphere and exceptional artistic, natural, and cultural heritage. That being the case, there is a great variety of ways to get to this delightful city. Here you will find all the information on how to get to Sitges by car, by plane, by train, and by coach.

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Galería Out of Africa Sitges

Sitges Museums have reopened to the public

The cultural heritage of Sitges is oustanding: the art and tradition are still alive in its streets. Maricel Art Museum opened in 1970, the Chapel of the Trinity of Sitges, protected as a Cultural or Romanesque Museum Can Llopis, also declared of cultural interest, are clear examples of the old town of Sitges.

Sitges invites you to enjoy art:

MARICEL MUSEUM: A complete artistic itinerary from the tenth century to the realism and figuration in the first half of the twentieth century through the art collections of Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales and Villa in Sitges. Different languages, techniques and artistic media are mixed together in order to achieve maximum consistency in the timing of the development of the arts.

CAU FERRAT: The Cau Ferrat Museum founded it in 1893 the artist Santiago Rusiñol as home and studio and became a public museum in 1933. It contains collections of ancient art collected by the artist as well as modern art with works by Rusiñol, Casas, Picasso R. Pichot, Mas i Fontdevila, Zuloaga, Enric Clarasó, Manolo Hugué, Pau Gargallo among others.

OUT OF AFRICA GALLERY: Organizer of the first Sitges Path Art (Sitges Weekend Art),in this gallery you can find works by European artists inspired by Africa, and emerging African artists.

Breakfast at Mirador Restaurant

Unforgettable stay in SITGES

Discover Sitges, one of the most charming towns of the Catalan coast. SITGES has always been a place that has attracted artists and visitors from all over the world. For many people, the secret is its light, as noted painters, sculptors and writers who, in the late nineteenth century, settled in the town.

Now the twenty-first century Sitges is based on creativity, talent and innovation; art is alive and traditions are maintained with modernity. Sitges keeps being a city that attracts and seduces.

Enjoy an unforgettable stay in Sitges and take advantage of the interesting offers that we publish on our website:

We look forward to seeing you at our hotel!


Centre for Ecology & Hidrology Joint Expert Group meeting at Hotel Calipolis

Centre for Ecology and HidrologyHotel Calipolis has been hosting a Joint Expert Group meeting from the Centre of Ecology and Hidrology (CEH) from yesterday and until tomorrow. The CEH is a public-sector research centre and part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) which provides research, survey and training about the environmental sciences.

Some of the best environtmental experts in Europe are attending this workshop in one of our meeting rooms, Arcos, in order to share their knowledge and expertise. Some of the topics that will be tackled will be: “Biological responses and targets”, “Nitrogen as a nutrient in terrestrial and freshwater systems”, “Interactions between nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus, Interactions between air pollution and climate change”, “Consistency in approach under different internacional policies and conventions, such as the Water Framework Directive, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Air Convention” or “Heavy metals, Base cations, Ozone, Dynamic global vegetation models, Ecosystems services approach and possible links between ecosystems services and dynamic modelling”.

Among the many experts that are attending this event at Hotel Calipolis are Daniel Kurz (from ForSAFE-Veg in Switzerland), Jesper Bak (expert in vegetation change modelling and critical loads in Denmark) or Rachel Helliwell (from RECOVER 2010)

We are proud and honoured to be their hosts in Sitges once more and hope this event is as successful as every year.

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Medimed Pitching Forum at Hotel Calipolis

Este fin de semana pasado (del 10 al 13 de octubre) se ha celebrado en nuestro hotel el Medimed, the Euromed Docs Market & Pitching Forum, un encuentro para creadores de documentales de Europa y el Sur del Mediterráneo.

En esta edición se seleccionaron 187 fabulosos documentales de 26 paises diferentes: todos abarcan diversos conflictos con personajes carismáticos y situaciones increíbles.

El Forum se celebró en varias de nuestras salas de conferencias y convenciones y sus asistentes pudieron disfrutar de las instalaciones de nuestro hotel.


This past weekend (from 10 to 13 October) the Medimed, the Euromed Docs Market & Pitching Forum has been held in our hotel. This is a meeting for documentary filmmakers from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean area.

In this edition 187 fabulous projects from 26 countries were selected: all of them cover various conflicts with charismatic characters and incredible situations.

The Forum took place in several of our meeting rooms and their guests were able to enjoy our hotel facilities.