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Sitges, close to Barcelona city

Considering Sitges is close to Barcelona city could make your vacation plans even better than you imagine. The combination of these two amazing places allow you to take advantage of all your free days to the max and enjoy the best of both cities, which represents two of the most touristic places well known internationally. In this post we explain how to mix both experiences making new plans around the Hotel Calipolis.

Barcelona, a dazzling city

In this holiday proposal in Barcelona and Sitges, the capital of Catalunya will take over a good part of the travel program. The reason is clear; it is a very alive city in all the senses. From a cultural point of view, it offers interesting museums and monuments to discover by your own or as part of an organized visit: the modernism of Gaudí and the Cathedral of the Sacred Family, the Picasso Museum, the Joan Miró Foundation and so many others.

Activities of leisure are also part of the culture, being enjoyable from the morning to the night. Restaurant, night clubs, open air restaurant (also called chiringuitos), musicals, private concerts, big festivals and sport events are some of the activities to enjoy in Barcelona which is one of the city break favorites cities for couples, families with children, groups of Friends or any tourist.

Sitges, one of the places with the best beaches of Barcelona

The capital of Barcelona count with tents of kilometers of beaches, therefore, they have an urban profile, points of massive occupation in some of the cases. In the other hand, the frenetic rhythm of this urban is not always quiet as Sitges, that it is found 30 km from the count city, offering a quiet littoral to relax and swim. In fact, there are a lot of people from Barcelona who choose this small coast city to have a proper city break.

To the international tourist, the advantages are evident. In first place, prices are relatively low, the hotel room, the everyday menu, the activities of leisure and shopping of some souvenirs in the center of the city. On the other hand, the rhythm of the life is more calm in this city and people tend to spend their time having a quite walk, swim or just lay under the sun in one of the beaches of this historic center.

Nonetheless, this gives the tourist the possibility of a very interesting leisure in Sitges. For example, in the gastronomic sector, Sitges have first quality restaurants, one of them located at the Hotel Calipolis. The night is also very claimed in activities of leisure, recommended as a modern open minded place as its own capital. Also, there is a sport harbor to do aquatics activities in its coasts or adventure activities in the Garraf lashings.

Organizing vacations in Barcelona and Sitges

Mixing all this ingredients, it is very easy to organize a full vacational program in Barcelona and Sitges. The center of every activity is the Hotel Calipolis which is also near to its capital. Furthermore, it counts with many services, big rooms, and the special characteristic is its location, while it remains in the beach being rare and difficult to find in Barcelona city in an accessible price.

With views to the sea and the mountains, it is the ideal atmosphere for a truly beautiful vacations with amazing beach days, pesrfect to go for a walk into the small and unique museums in Sitges or just going around the center to have a good time while shopping for summer time. Concerts are also a good activity to enjoy, one of them is the Festival Jardins of Terramar.

With this new proposal of vacations in Barcelona and Sitges, it will be essential to dedicate many full journeys to visit the capital, because it is impossible to discover it in just one day! Renting a car or going by train, that connects directly both cities, you can organize your trip going out early and coming back late in the night.

During your vacations in Barcelona and Sitges, do not forget to reserve time to excursions in the rest of the state, for entire or half journey. Some of the places of interest are really near to Sitges, for instance, the Güell warehouse, which is one of the most amazing pieces of young Gaudi. Other interesting places aren’t that far, taking an hour approximately by car, you can get to the Abbey of Monserrat, or one of the Humanity Heritage in Tarragona, which could take you 40 minutes and the Natural Park of Montseny that takes 90 minutes approximately to get there.

As you can notice, Barcelona and Sitges can make your vacations unforgettable. Get ready and start organizing it right now and enjoy a deserve rest!

Sitges beaches: 17 unique spots to discover

Sitges is one of the most popular touristic place for the ones who are looking for a relaxing and funny day in the Mediterranean, at the heat of the sun and at the mercy of the waves. The fact is that Sitges has everything, from its famous beaches with “gay-friendly” environment to the equipped beaches with all type of services for enjoying in family. For all of this, we are sure that none of its 17 beaches will disappoint its visitors.

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Breakfast at Mirador Restaurant

Unforgettable stay in SITGES

Discover Sitges, one of the most charming towns of the Catalan coast. SITGES has always been a place that has attracted artists and visitors from all over the world. For many people, the secret is its light, as noted painters, sculptors and writers who, in the late nineteenth century, settled in the town.

Now the twenty-first century Sitges is based on creativity, talent and innovation; art is alive and traditions are maintained with modernity. Sitges keeps being a city that attracts and seduces.

Enjoy an unforgettable stay in Sitges and take advantage of the interesting offers that we publish on our website:

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