sitges christmas festival 2017

2017 Sitges Christmas Festival

With Christmas time approaching, 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival is arriving, one of the most expected event of the calendar of the Vila and an appointment that has become a real classic during these so especial dates in the city. This year it will take place, as usual, on the first weekend of December. That is to say, from the 1st to the 3rd of the month. On the following lines, we explain you what you can find there, where is it going to be and other interesting information about the festival.

What is 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival?

2017 Sitges Christmas Festival is a cultural event, mainly in the form of a fair, that is like a patchwork, that is to say, the art of creating a tissue made by different fabrics. It is a more and more booming discipline, especially in Sitges, where the Asociación Española de Patchwork has a great importance, situated near Sant Pere de Ribes. The resulting tissues can have very different kind of using: from blanket to pillow or sofa covers, upholsteries, and a lot more.

This year, 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival already confirmed the presence of 27 participants: individual or collective artists and small companies dedicated to creating and selling this kind of tissues or material and machines to develop themselves. El didal de la Mom, Pom’ cannelle et patchichi, Inma patchwork, Susanita tiene un botón, Torneria germans Castells or Tu rincón del patch are some of the examples. And as their names show it, they are not only from Catalonia or Spain, but also from other parts of the world where the patchwork art has a very deep-rooted tradition.

The interest is that, in addition, during the moment of celebrating 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival: some weeks before Christmas time. That is why, a lot of proposals the visitors will find are intended as Christmas and New Year decoration, even if they are mixed with many other valid proposals at any other time.

sitges christmas festival 2017 patchwork

The proposals are a complete surprise for the audience, but we hope there will be a great variety in tablecloths for Christmas tables, original decoration for the tree, ribbons and crowns for doors and walls, presents for the Santa Claus’ day and the Wise Men and a lot more.

In addition, this is an unforgettable occasion to get in contact with the artists and with the professional of the sector. One-on-one conversation can be used as inspiration for the fans of this art to enable the professionalization, gathering ideas and advices from the people dedicated to this art.

Where does the 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival is celebrated?

As it already used to happen in anterior editions, the 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival will be celebrated again in the neighbourhood of the Fragata beach, a very charming place thanks to its proximity to the church Sant Bartomeu y Santa Tecla and where the seafront forms a small square for this kind of events. The classic tent of the fair will be set up there, a big covered and transparent space in which will be situated the exhibitors of the participant already mentioned.

In addition of the tent, we recommend to be attentive to the official channels of the Asociación Española de Patchwork, since the program also could include other acts. For instance, textile workshops for kids or masterclasses for fans of this art. The AEP official channels are mainly its website and the Facebook profile. You also can consult our blog to have information about the rest of the Christmas proposals that are celebrated in the city, with an overview of the official programming of the Municipality.

In fact, as hotel in Sitges, the Calipolis hotel is again an unforgettable option to stay during the celebration of the event and Christmas in general. We are situated at the foot of the Passeig Marítim or  the Ribera, only 400 meters from the tent, we elaborated special menus for Christmas and we celebrate these dates with great intensity.

The consolidation of patchwork in Sitges

The celebration of 2017 Sitges Christmas Festival can be understood as the consolidation in our city, where is organized another great event with the same characteristics: the Sitges Patchwork, at the beginning of March. This other festival has become more global, due to the origin of the participants and also to the content of the fair, since a lot of exhibitions and events are programmed, and classes for fans and professionals. In the 2017 edition, the number of stands exceeds one hundred.

The Christmas festival as the March one is supported by the Municipality of Sitges. In addition, our hotel is also a usual collaborator of the AEP, especially during the already mentioned Sitges Patchwork, since our facilities host the proposals of some participating artists.

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